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Venus is the signifator of Love and luxury. If you are in the Venus period. You should recite Venus mantra. Venus Mantra is

Om Hrim srim Shukrae Namaha

There are two more powerful mantra of Venus

1. Venus Beej Mantra venus Tantik Mantra
2. Venus Vedic Mantra


To invigorate the power of love and its fulfillment, worshipping the Kama Shakti of the universe, this power mantra is designed to harness the power of the planet Venus and energize its effects. To be recited 108 times, beginning Friday during the bright side of the moon, together with a radiant devotion and white sandalwood and white flowers for the offering to incite the dormant and excite the apparent.

Purpose of Jaap of Venus mantra

1. Good love life
2. Harmonious life
3. Luxury life
3. Success in perfume, cosmetic, and females product related business
5. Success in medical, film and entertainment industries
6. Improvement friend circle
7. Protection against Venereal diseases, uterine disorders, eye disease
8. Buy new vehicles
9. Improve sexual power
10. Remove malefic impact on Venus in horoscope

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