Sun Sign:- if you are born between 20 April-20 May

Moon sign:- (AE,AI,BA,BBE,,BO,BI,BU,I,E,OO,OH,OU,VA,W)

If Moon placed in the Taurus sign in your horoscope.

Appearance of Taurus

You will have attractive lips and pensive bros, dark hair, full forehead, dark eyes and curly hair. People born under this zodiac sign will have broad shoulders and neck and the physical stature may be somewhat bent or stoopy. They are plump or have a well developed physique and a robust body.

Qualities Characteristics of Taurus

You have a firm determination, patient nature and may be amorous at times. You have creative skills, intuitive faculty and artistic pursuits. You are amiable, affectionate but desire comfort and luxury in life. You may be sensual and may secure patronage of affluent ladies. Drama, fane arts and music may give you success. You are moody, variable and romantic with fine tastes and delicate feelings. You are a foodie and successful in travelling.

You have a pragmatic nature and so acquisition of property is easy for you. As you are emotionally sensitive unsuccessful love affairs can make you languishing. You can have queer vagaries in your married life and on the domestic front but will easily overcome them. You staunchly believe in fidelity in attachments and depth of feelings.

Profession of Taurus

Taurus signifies possessions and practicality. You have good vitality, excellent mental and physical strength, endurance and high inner resilience. You are patient, pragmatic and dedicated but tend to be dominating. Your search for security makes you successful in business, you are very cautious if you are dealing with the other person’s money and life. You have good creative ability and strong will power so you can manage big business institutions and become excellent directors.

You present yourself so people perceive you to be wealthier than what you actually are. You excel in business associated with the sectors like music, finance, entertainment, resorts, acting, cinema, transport, film production, schools, ladies’ clubs, fashion, beauty parlors and fashion

Taurus daily Horoscope

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