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Swati Nakshatra

Ruler/lord/Planet  of Swati  Nakshatra :- Rahu

Deity/God of Swati Nakshatra :- Vayu

Degree of Swati  Nakshatra:-6°40′ – 20° Libra

Symbol of Swati  Nakshatra:- Shoot of plant, coral


Quality/ characteristics of Swati Nakshatra Nativies

One who is born in Swati Nakshatra generally contains the qualities of help to other people, intelligence and strong ambition. They are good natured, broad minded and peaceful people and frequently guides the other people regarding the solutions of their problem.

Profession for Swati  Nakshatra Natives

Those born under Swati are generally seen adopting profession based on breath and voice control like singers, swimmers, musicians playing the instruments saxophone or other wind instruments and sometimes also yoga etc.

Health for Swati  Nakshatra Natives

For natives, gastric troubles in different formats are a strong possibility, abdominal problems, flatulence, hernia etc along with bladder and urinary problems too will keep troubling. Pain in the joints and heart ailments could trouble in the later part of life.


1st Alphabet/Character of Name for Swati Nakshatra born people

Birth in Swati Nakshatra 1st quarter/ Birth in Swati Nakshatra 1st pada:- Ru

Birth in Swati Nakshatra 2nd quarter/ Birth in Swati Nakshatra 2nd pada:- Re

Birth in Swati Nakshatra 3rd  quarter/ Birth in Swati Nakshatra 3rd  pada:- Ro

Birth in Swati Nakshatra 4th quarter/ Birth in Swati Nakshatra 4th  pada:- Ta

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