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Mercury planet which is also known as Budha can be termed as a prince of astrology. Publishing and printing, journalism, mathematics, accounts, shatras knowledge, astrology, the web and computers, trade, medical profession, short journeys, maternal uncles, intelligence and speech are represented by Mercury planet. Metal belongs to this planet is bronze. Emerald is the name of gem concerned with Mercury. The color of this planet is green. Direction related with Mercury is north. Time of approximate one month is taken by Mercury for traveling a rasi. Its distance from Sun is always 27 degrees according to astrological view.

The reason behind the name of this planet may be its quick movement in the sky. Association of Mercury is also with trickery and magic. Mercury can be a provider of wisdom according to astrological concept as it is view as mind. All categories of communication whether it is related to speech, letters, telephone calls etc. are ruled by Mercury. Abilities and individual interests of a person are also indicated by Mercury.

Sign of Mercury: – Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo sign.

Exalted sign of Mercury:- Virgo is the sign of exaltation of the Mercury.

Debilitated sign of Mercury: – Pisces is the debilitated sign of Mercury.

Friends of Mercury: – Mercury has friendly relation with all planets.

Enemies of the Mercury: – Mercury has friendly relation with all planets.

Nakshatra/ Birth stars of Mercury/Budh

Mercury is the lord of Aslesha Nakshatra, Jyehsta Nakshatra/ and Revati Nakshatra.

Mercury/Budh effect in your horoscope

Mercury provide different results in different houses.

 Mercury effect in all houses

Mercury/Budh Period effect in your life

Mercury/Budh period rule 17 years in our life. Strong Mercury give success in business, good return in investment. Native takes correct descions on the right time. IF Mercury is weak then native face loss in business, loss through speculations and Skin related problems. Read More…….

Remedy for Mercury

If Mercury is weak in your chart you should perform remedies of Mercury. These remedies would be helpful for you. Read More…..

Mantra of Mercury

if you are in the major or sub period of Mercury you should recite Mantra of Mercury. These mantras will make your Mercury powerful and will give you good results. Read More…..

Donation for Mercury

According to ancients and astrologers donation is one of the powerful remedy. Donation removed malefic impact of the Mercury Read More…..

Gem Stone of Mercury

If Mercury is benefic planet in your chart you can wear Mercury gemstone. You are highly advised that you should not wear gemstone without astrologer recommendation. Read More……

Yantra of Mercury

Yantra is a powerful tool of planet. Worship of Mercury yantra during Mercury period protect native from melefic impact of Mercury. Read More……

Fast for Mercury/Budh

Astrologically Mercury is the signficator of business and sharp mind. .If Mercury is poor in your chart or you are in Mercury period you should Keep Wednesday fast. Read More…..

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