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Libra 2013 horoscope | Tula Rashi 2013 Rashifal

This year brings lots of hardship for you but due to your hard work you will able to cross them. Your ambitions will be low & it will give you a back seat in your overall life during the year. Your overall performance will not be up to the mark & that you will find yourself uncomfortable. However, you will be under some tension at the start of the year. You will become dependent upon others for making a progress in this year.

Family & Financial horoscope of Libra 2013:- Your financial condition will not be up to the mark. Your expenses will be higher than the income. You will be trying for a source of extra income this year. A trouble with sibling is not ruled out this year.

Journeys/ Travel horoscope of Libra 2013:- During the year 2013, you will find obstacles in your all important journeys, if not properly planned.

Comforts & Properties horoscope of Libra 2013: – This year will give you a chance for buying some property & vehicle.

Education & Kids horoscope of Libra 2013: – For the students, a moderate success is ahead. If you are expectant mothers, you will have to take care during your pregnancy. A miscarriage is not ruled out this year.

Health horoscope of Libra 2013:- Your feet will give you some problems during the year & that if proper care is not being taken a surgery is not ruled out.

Love life / Marriage horoscope of Libra 2013:- A married life will be moderate this year. Those who are planning for the marriage may get married after May 2013. They will find a perfect match. Their life partner will be trustworthy & loyal to them.

Career horoscope of Libra 2013: – Though your career graph is moving upward this year, chances of promotion to higher position is not ruled out.

Fasting for Libra in 2013:- You are advised to observe a fast on every Friday.Procedure of Fast :-
Observe a fast on Friday and have only one meal after sunset. These fasts are observed for the betterment in the life. The fast begins on Friday morning and ends on the next day morning. A single meal is eaten on the day – usually in the afternoon or after puja of
Goddess Mahalakshmi preferably in temple. It may include donation of Mahalakshmi articles like sweets or green clothes. You can pray Goddess Mahalaksmi by keeping her photo or Shree Yantra in front of you. You should recite mantra, aarti and strot of Mahalakshmi. You can take milk, tea, fruit etc till sunset. After sunset you can take normal satwik food i.e. food excluding salt, onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Mantra for Libra in 2013 :- For getting a good success & happiness during the year, you are advised to chant a following mantra daily for 108 times.


Remedy for Libra in 2013
You should perform Rahu and Saturn remedy in this year

Yantra for Libra in 2013
Venus yantra

Puja for Libra in 2013

Mahalaxmi Puja
Hanuman Puja

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