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Gemini 2013 horoscope| Mithun Rashi 2013 Rashifal

This year will be average for you. You will become too emotional. You may loose your self confidence & that you will have to do some meditation to boost it up.

Family & Financial horoscope of Gemini 2013:- At the start of the year, you will find your expenses are high & that after May 2013, you will find you are relaxed as far as your expenses are concern, but your financial crisis are not over. If, you are planning to make some investment, you are advised to make your investments before May 2013. You may find some differences with your parents.

Journeys/Travel horoscope of Gemini 2013:- During the year 2013, you will be travelling to some holy places & this will give you a mental relaxation & peace.

Comforts & Properties horoscope of Gemini 2013:- This year will give you a chance for buying some property. You are advised to be careful before signing an agreement, since there is a chance of making some mistakes & that you will be penalised later on.

Education & Kids horoscope of Gemini 2013:- For the students, a moderate success is indicated this year. Students will have to work very hard to achieve their desired targets. If you are expectant parents, you will have to go for a surgery or a medical treatment before you get fruitful results.

Health horoscope of Gemini 2013:- You will have to take care of your health this year. Your reproductive parts of the body will get affected. Few of you may require to go for the surgery also.

Love life / Marriage horoscope of Gemini 2013
:- A married life will be moderate this year. You will be ruled by your life partner. Those who are planning for the marriage, may have to wait for one more year. They will not find a suitable match in this year & if found they will get some obstruction in getting married this year.

Career horoscope of Gemini 2013:- You may have to travel extensively to various places including foreign countries. You will find sudden rise or promotion at your work place. You will have some tension at the work place this year. Those who are passing their age between 42 & 45, will have to be careful at the work place. A slight mistake in the work will attract a heavy penalty or demotion.

Fasting for Gemini in 2013:- You are advised to observe a fast on every Wednesday. Procedure of Fast :-
The fast begins on Wednesday morning and ends on the next day morning. A single meal is eaten on the day – usually in the afternoon or after puja of Lord Vishnuji. You may donate any green coloured item to Priest on Wednesday. You can take milk, tea, fruit etc till sunset. After sunset you can take normal satvik food i.e. food excluding onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Mantra for Gemini 2013:- For getting a good success & happiness during the year, you are advised to chant a following mantra daily for 108 times.


Remedy for Gemini in 2013
You should perform remedy of Jupiter and Mercury

Yantra for Gemini in 2013
Budh yantra

Pooja for Gemini in 2013
Vishnu Pooja
Guru Pooja

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