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Aries 2013 horoscope | Mesh Rashi 2013 Rashifal

This year brings lots of happiness for you. Your ambitions will be high & it will give you a very good reward provided you work hard. However, you will be under some tension at the start of the year. You will become aggressive this year. You are advised to remain cool if you really want to come up in your life & want to bring happiness too. You will have to control your anger.

Family & Financial horoscope of Aries 2013:-
It will be good & your financial growth will be very high in this year. You are advised to take the advantage of the planetary situation till the end of May 2013. If, you are planning to make some investment, the period is good for you. One of your siblings will get an opportunity to visit various overseas countries. An elderly male member of the family may require to look after the health.

Journeys /Travel horoscope of Aries 2013:-
During the year 2013, you will be travelling extensively. The journeys you make will be beneficial for you in building personal / business / professional contacts.

Comforts & Properties horoscope of Aries 2013:-
This year will give you a chance for buying some property but with some initial troubles or tensions.

Education & Kids horoscope of Aries 2013:- For the students, a great success is ahead. Few of you will achieve a high success in the exams. If you are expectant parents, you will find a positive change on arrival of a new comer. A child will prove to be lucky for you.

Health horoscope of Aries 2013:- You will have to take care of your health this year. Your digestive system will give you some problems during the year & that if proper care is not being taken a surgery is not ruled out.

Love life / Marriage horoscope of Aries 2013:- A married life will be moderate this year. Those who are planning for the marriage may get married till May 2013, provided they are prepared to compromise. They will not find a perfect match, but their life partner will be trustworthy & loyal to them.

Career horoscope of Aries 2013:- Though your career graph is moving upward this year, chances of promotion to higher position is not ruled out. You will notice that some one’s loss will be your gain in your profession or career or in the service. If you are unemployed, you will find a space for you where some one is thrown out of the employment. You will have to work under some elderly person this year & that you will not find yourself much comfortable with your higher authority.

Fasting for Aries in 2013:- You are advised to observe a fast on every Tuesday.Procedure of Fast :-
The fast begins on Tuesday morning and ends on the next day morning. A single meal is eaten on the day – usually in the afternoon or after puja of Lord Ganeshji. Red is the favourite colour of Lord Ganeshji. You may donate any red coloured item to Priest on Tuesday. You can take milk, tea, fruit etc till sunset. After sunset you can take normal satvik food i.e. food excluding onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Remedies for Aries 2013

You should perform remedy of Rahu and Mars

Yantra for Aries in 2013

Worship of Mars yantra

Pooja for Aries in 2013

You should perform Durga pooja daily

Mantra for Aries in 2013


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